Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Prepare to be overloaded! April and Blake tied the knot this weekend and I'm so excited that I can finally post her bridal session we had. I had such a blast and April is gorgeous!! This is the outdoor shoot we did, I will have a studio session to post later after I finish editing. As you can tell, I took quite a few, and please forgive the quality, for some reason I uploaded them incorrectly so they look grainier on my blog than in photoshop. It's been a long few days, what can I say! :) Luckily my husband and I got to go on a much-needed date in Boise yesterday and now I feel like I can get back to work. So, here's my ginormous post, consider yourself warned! ha ha Congratulations April and Blake, the wedding was gorgeous!


Vanessa said...

Girl...these are STUNNING! So fresh, beautiful, and amazing!!!!

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