Sunday, May 23, 2010

.Addi and Ava.

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun photographing these two cuties! This was my first session with twins and they were so sweet and calm. I was amazed at how their parents were so laid back and relaxed and I could feel their genuine love and happiness towards their baby girls. Their dad was awesome in helping out, soothing, "binky removal" for the pics, and it was just cute to see how they had completely captured his heart. Twins definitely take team work and I love the picture of them both holding each one, getting them to sleep. Congratulations on your new little family, Ava and Addi are beautiful! Carrie-more to come on the website but for now this is just a peak....thanks for a great day! ~Jen


The Hunt Family said...

love your stuff!!

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