Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This was such a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for my brother...he is so in love! Sedra and Kyle were amazing during these pictures, you can't tell that it is FREEZING outside and right after we got done it started to blizzard and snow was falling everywhere!! My little fingers were so numb and I had a huge coat on....poor Sedra! Thanks for a fabulous time, best of luck and congratulations to the both of you!! I'll have the rest of your photos up on my website in your gallery soon! Lots of love, Jen


April said...

Soooo cute~ Sedra and Kyle both look really great, and you're right, you can't even tell how dang cold it was! Crazy....our little bro is all grown up :)

April said...

P.S. I really love the shot of the bottom of their shoes :)

Jenny Esterbrook said...

ha ha, I just got done telling you on facebook these were done and it looks like you already knew! :) Love ya apes!

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