Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{Creekside Kiddos}

Well, we're almost packed up, ready to hit the road to Idaho and we just had to get some pics of all of Eli's friends here at Creekside Village. Eli has grown up with these adorable kiddos, they're all around the same age and it has been so much fun having them to play with just outside our door. You could look outside at any time and someone would be outside to play with, we're really going to miss that and I know Eli is going to miss his friends. I've gotten to know and love the other moms here as well, it's been wonderful having extra support, someone to go to for advice and we all had so much in common with our kids, etc. These girls are so much fun and I'm going to miss having that right next door. So, here's a few pics of the crazy kids of Creekside, it will be fun to see them all in the years to come, how they've grown and changed since we were all together during the first few years. We love you guys and thanks for being such good friends, we'll miss you!! Hugs, Jen


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