Saturday, October 17, 2009

{"K" Family Part 1}

Here's part 1 of the many pics I took of my evening with the "K" Family, hope you like them! You'll have to bear with me.....until I actually get a website up where clients can view their picture gallery, this blog serves as their viewing site and as the preview site. Hence......lots of pictures, sorry!! A true website is next on my agenda. I have one more set of fabulous pics left, so stay tuned, they are super cute!


janenes said...

Great pictures! Taner shared with us about your photography while in Kansas--we are having a baby in early Dec...and I know you're due somewhere soon after that, but maybe come January we will be able to set up a session with you.


Jenny Esterbrook said...

Thanks so much! Definitely give me a call sometime, I love to do baby pics, they're so much fun when they're so little! :)

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